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Asianet Thriller Express sponsored by Karikkineth Silks, Thiruvalla

Karikkineth Silks, Thiruvalla is the official sponsor of 'Asianet Thriller Express', an event organised by Asianet USA. The major attraction of the shows are the team of artistes led by Jagdish, the veteran comedy artiste in the malayalam movie industry. His team comprises of other big names such as Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Mithra Kurien, Venugopal. Artistes of the popular programme ' Comedy Stars' telecast on Asianet every week also accompany the group.

The shows are performed in major cities in the US and Canada as follows.

Virginia, New York, Gerogia, Tampa, Miami, New Jersey, Toronto, Washington DC, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia